Who is GBN Projectmanagement & Consultancy?

I, Norbert van Gisbergen, have been working in the building and property world since 1983. After my studies at the Institute of Technology, I started as a constructor and gained wide experience as a chief constructor, project manager and branch director at an engineering firm that was part of DHV, currently RHDHV.

In 2004, I made the transition to the property industry. At Wereldhave, listed at the stock exchange as a real estate investment fund, I was responsible for project management, technical design and realisation of retail projects, and the development of office buildings in the Netherlands and abroad. I also advised the board of directors from a technical perspective with respect to property purchases and real estate investments.

I also contributed to developing the sustainability strategy of Wereldhave. In this capacity, I was a member of the international sustainability steering committee. As a chairman of the international work group, I was responsible for rendering the entire property portfolio of Wereldhave technically sustainable.

By mid 2016, I decided to use this extensive knowledge and experience to the benefit of GBN Project Management & Consultancy.

Norbert GBN (Breda)
Norbert van Gisbergen